We are Authorized: 

  • Authorized IRS E-File Provider.
  • Authorized by IRS for the Annual Filing Season Program.

We are  Accredited:

  • Our Team consists of IRS AFSP Tax Preparers.
  • We are included in a public directory of Tax Professionals with qualifications on the IRS website & connected with the CPA Networks.
  • Accredited to represent our clients before IRS revenue agents, IRS Employees, and etc.

We are Affordable:

  • Business Return – New Customers gets 10% OFF on your business preparation fees.
  • Student Discount – Eligible Student gets 10% OFF on your individual preparation fees.
  • Referral Bonus – Refer a friend or a family member and get $10 Referral Bonus.
  • Senior Discount  – Save $10 OFF on your preparation fees.

We are Accessible: 

  • Worried about sharing your tax documents via email? Use Secured Drake Portals.
  • We value our clients’ privacy and securing their data is our top priority.
  • Secured Drake Portals enables our clients to share important tax document to us securely.
  • Sending files through client portal is simple, secured, and encrypted.

We are Acquainted: 

    • Our Tax Experts are up to date with the latest tax laws and complex tax codes.
    • Our Tax Professionals attend frequent tax classes & webinars to enhance their knowledge.
    • Our latest Tax software empowers us to efficiently & accurately E-file returns for our clients.

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